Sharehouse Accommodation

Renting a room in a local home is a great way to save money, make friends and have the flexibility to contract to a time period that suits you. Choose from a selection of modern share apartments all within walking distance of the city.

Based in tropical Cairns, Cairns Sharehouse offer a huge variety of share accommodation options to suit all tastes, styles, and budgets.  Staff at Cairns share-house meet the owners and ensure that the homes are comfortable and well maintained.

Gold Coast
There is a great variety of share-accommodation available on the Gold Coast.  We recommend that you do four weeks homestay upon arrival, giving you time to decide where you would like to live in the city. During this time, you will possibly make friends that you wish to live and may choose to rent or you will find ample available accommodation on the billboard of your school. If you still need assistance, please contact our office for advice.

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